Monday, April 21, 2008


Okay, this is my first attempt at a blog, but there are things I want to share - so here goes.

Recently I was doing a Bible study and was looking at how God took our sin. Now, I know you've probably already heard that, but hold on. I saw something new this time. In this study, we saw that God is clothed in majesty - that I think I knew. Yet He chose to trade with us and put on our sin and give us His majesty. Let me try and paint a picture of what I saw.
Earlier that day, I had stepped in some dog poop in our yard (we've all done it). Everywhere I went, that smell seemed to drift upward and spoil my day. I couldn't figure out where it was coming from and then realized it was on my shoe. Somewhere in all this, I got a picture of my sin being like clothes that had been rolled in poop. The stench of sin permeated everything I tried to do....but God in His mercy took on my sin, smell and all, and instead gave me His majesty. But it gets even better.
I remembered when my daughter was very young and we'd buy her "twirl" dresses. These were the dresses that would twirl when she would spin around. I got such joy out of watching her spin around and twirl with joy. That's where the rest of the picture comes in. God not only took our sin and gave us His majesty, but He doesn't constantly remind us of what He did (as many of us would do). Instead, with the joy of a father, he simply says "Twirl little one, twirl". He loves us so much that it is His joy to bless us. For if we who are evil know how to give good gifts to our children, how much more does our Heavenly Father know how to bless us.
So there is the first of what may be many random thoughts.
May your day be filled with moments when you hear our Father God say, "Twirl, little one. Twirl."


Michelle Baggett said...

I really enjoyed your random thoughts! You are an awesome blogger and I look forward to more! Thank you for including me on your list!

Darla said...

WOW!! That was great!! You are a wonderful blogger! I have to at least try it one day! Thanks for sharing with me! Love ya!

iruntherace924 said...

okay you are not the novice you painted yourself to be. I fell in love with blogging during the marathon year. It is addictive, like a running diary without the hassel of the pen! I am not only impressed but encouraged. I so got the pictures you gave. awesome! love ya, Tiffanie

Kristen said...

As always, you have inspired me! You have a special gift: you uplift others!