Saturday, June 7, 2008

Just being myself .....isn't all that easy.

We’ve all heard it – “Just be yourself, and you’ll do just fine.” Great advice – but I find I have a hard time just being me. Certainly I can’t be alone in this. I read every day how we as a society compare ourselves to the women in the magazines, etc. and find we just don’t measure up. I look at others and see that I’m not as smart as, or as pretty as, or as talented as, or as patient as….you get the picture. I find myself wishing constantly that I could be a homemaker like this person, or as good a teacher as that one, or could cook like my friends, or entertain like they do.

But it’s not just that I find others better at things than me. I find I’m just as guilty at finding fault in others. Well, at least I’m not as….you fill in the blank….as that person. Problem is – I’m not that person. I have no idea what their life has been like up to this point. I have no idea what God has planned for them that they are either struggling with or growing in. I’m not them. I’m supposed to be me. I’m just not always comfortable being me so I try to deflect responsibility by comparing with others!

I used to see it in my students…”How come he gets to….”, “Well, she did….”. You get the picture, a whole lot of looking at someone else instead of looking at themselves and where they are. How many times did I hear, “It’s not fair!” Baby, if life were fair, I’d be taller, richer, and my students would be more obedient. It’s not about fair…it’s about living where you are each day. It’s about looking to God to get direction and taking responsibility for you.

This brings me back to being myself. I’ve been reminded this week of the time when Jesus was talking to Peter, who wanted to know “Lord, what about him?” Jesus answered, “If I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you? You must follow me.” (John 21:21-22) It’s not about what someone else has or does; it’s about what He’s called me to be. The purpose He has for me isn’t the same as someone else’s, so comparing is ridiculous! I may not be a part of the Body that is lovelier, or more noticeable, but I am an important part of the Body all the same…and I have a job to fulfill.

No, I won’t get younger, or prettier, or a hundred other things. But hopefully I can become more like Jesus each day – and He’s the only one I need to compare myself to. I will not attain perfection, but each day I can show a little more of Jesus by allowing Him to shine through the ‘me’ He has created me to be. No, I don’t always like who I am, but thankfully God isn’t through with ‘me’ yet.

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Ann said...

Cool thoughts. Believe we are all individual cells that make up the body parts. Therefore it takes us all to do what is needed.