Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I've got nothing to say...but JC does!

I've been wondering why lately I haven't really had any "blog-able" material. I've started a couple, but they just fell flat. Then this morning I realized why my blogs have been so blah lately. As a teacher, summer time is a time of relaxing and catching up on sleep. I spend my days doing not much more than working out, wondering what I'll cook for supper, and playing games on facebook. (Boy - that last one will REALLY eat up your day while doing nothing much at all!) In other words, there's been a whole lot of nothing going on.

Then I read a blog by a young man that I had the privilege to teach years ago. He is definitely NOT doing nothing this summer. While most kids his age are living their days from party to party, he is spending the next six weeks in Haiti. I cannot possibly express how powerful his blog is - you will have to read it for yourself! Link to John Caleb's blog

Okay, this will be short (so you can spend your time reading JC's blog.) I've had nothing to say because I'm not really "out there" doing anything. Rest is good, but I'm getting a bit convicted that it's time to do more than just seek out hidden treasures in games on facebook. It's time to start seeking out what God will show me during this time of rest. Or maybe, it's time to stop resting.

I'll let you know when I find out. In the meantime - go read JC's blog. You'll be challenged...I know I was!

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