Thursday, December 8, 2011

Men don't get stressed about Christmas

Yesterday I had a Random Thought...have you ever noticed men don't seem to get stressed about Christmas?

Most of the women I know have said at least once in the past two weeks, "I'm tired." It's not the normal I've got a lot of work to do kind of tired; it's the I'm overwhelmed with all there is to be done to prepare for Christmas kind of tired. It's the having too much to do and I'm trying to create lasting memories tired. It's the reason for this blog.

I put this idea out of Facebook last night and got some interesting responses...
Because we handle everything! We decide how to decorate; we help decorate. We usually decide what gifts everyone gets and then we shop for them. After all that, we cook!
Because women do everything!
Because they know Walmart is open 24 hrs... And on Christmas eve. If it's not there, it's at walgreen's. Or, they can stick some cash in an envelope. What's there to stress about?Men (at least the men I know) expect food... lots of it. They will help, if given very specific instructions. They like written instructions, too.
Women want (maybe not expect) to be thanked for everything we have done and to be remembered with a gift that they did not have to: pick out, purchase, or wrap for themselves.
One young man put in his two cents..because our expectations are...less dramatic. if you ask a guy what he wants in november and he gets it on christmas, odds are he forgot telling you and just thinks youre magic.or he is glad you remembered and would rather be UN-suprised and happy than surprised and in new socks
A few women have obviously had more than a few rough Christmases:
Men expect for the women to take care of everything so that they can sit back and take the credit for everything. Women expect to either get something to get either something to clean the house with or an item dealing with cooking. An electric can opener? ARE YOU SERIOUS??????Mrs Santa is home cleaning and cooking for all those elves. (That one was in response to a question on why you never see pictures of Mrs. Claus! LOL)
I can only speak about my man. He will help as long as he is given specific instructions. But of course I won't be satisfied and I have to do it over. And like Timothy said he won't remember , which makes me seem extremely magical. Or he will just sleep thru the whole thing and yes he expects food and gifts and a stocking. Basically I am superwoman. What was the question?
Finally, one friend posted this:
Focus on the reason we have CHRISTmas...

That's really the whole thing isn't it. We need to focus on what Christmas is really all about. So why does that seem so easy for men and so hard for us? Is my young friend right? Is it just that I just have my expectations too high? I expect my children to show appreciation and excitement for the gifts I've worked to get for them. I expect them to glow with joy in the decorations and music. I expect them to hug me for all that I've done to make the day special. Oh, I may not say I expect anything, but I sure do hope for it.

I wonder if God ever feels like that? Does He look at me and wonder why I don't say thank you for all that He has blessed me with? Does He shake His head in disappointment when I drive past a beautiful sunset and don't even see it - or worse, sit and stare at the television instead of going outside to see the beauty all around me? Does He wait for me to stop "playing with my toys" and come to sit with Him for at least a moment or two?

I know I'm transferring my own feelings on to God...instead I should learn to give as He does - expecting nothing in return. God knows that I won't even stop and notice the beautiful leaves as they turn from green to red then gold. I'll be too busy with my "stuff" to do much more than look up for a moment. I probably won't remember to stop and thank Him for my food at lunch, though He has provided not just that lunch, but the breakfast and snack and supper as well. He knows I won't stop long enough to thank Him for all that He has done...and He does it anyway...

I don't want to be stressed this Christmas, but it looks like I've got a long way to go. For now, I will remember to stop and say thank you for all I have been given today.
James 1:17

New International Version (NIV)
Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

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