Monday, January 18, 2016

Best friends....

Today I was sitting on my front porch - we can do that in January in South Mississippi, one of the many reasons I love living here. 

When I sit on this front porch, I am flooded with memories of the days right after Katrina. We spent a lot of time on our porch in those days since it was summer and we had no power...I also have a lot of really good memories of friends like Cathy and Dave and Honey and Dave - no, not the same Daves, and it's not a prerequisite that you have to be married to someone named Dave to live in our neighborhood, personally I have a "Dale"...

Anyway, all this got me to thinking about today's topic - friends.

When you think of friend, what comes to mind? Secrets, laughter, memories, adventure..

I am blessed with a number of friends and they have been there for me,  not just in times of trouble, but also in times of fun. Some of my fondest memories of laughter include these sweet ladies...(Memories of laughter with my "navigator" and I  were on our way to visit our other dear friend and we got lost because we were in deep conversation immediately comes to mind.)

I love my friends - friends have this wonderful way of accepting  us for who we are and while they don't try to change us, they do nudge us out of our comfort zone every once in a while and show us there is more...

Friends aren't just for hard times, they are also there for good times to share and multiply the joy! What is a party without friends? Good times are so much more fun when they are there to share them with you.

Well, all this got me thinking about my very best friend, Jesus. Jesus is so much more than just my 'heavenly boss" which is how some seem to see him. He is far more than just someone to go to when I get in a tight. He is there in bad times AND good. In fact, he multiplies my joy! He is my FRIEND!

But honestly, I forget sometimes that Jesus is my friend. Just like in the days after the power came back on following Katrina, we all started to get busy again and we spent less and less time together. Oh, we were still friends, but somehow things just weren't quite the same.

Today I want to focus once again on spending TIME with my friend, Jesus.

Proverbs 18:24 (MSG)

Friends come and friends go, but a true friend sticks by you like family.

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