Thursday, September 22, 2016

Today was a good day...

Today was a good day. It was that kind of day that every teacher dreams of. Oh, the kids were in their normal pre-October, pep-rally tomorrow kind of frenzy, but it was still a good day. A really good day.

Wonder what could make a teacher say this amid the stacks of papers to grade, lessons to plan, and paperwork to fill out? It was a teachable moment. Teachers understand that unmistakable shift in the cosmos when a student asks just the right question and suddenly you are no longer talking about how to punctuate a sentence or find the answer in the text. You are touching that glistening edge of eternity. Okay, that's probably a bit overdramatic, but it's still pretty amazing because today I got to inspire.

That would have been a pretty good day with just that moment, but there was more to come. Later in the day, I had the opportunity to see the lightbulb go on in two students who previously seemed oblivious to the English lessons I was trying to teach. I got the chance to see them succeed at something they had been struggling with in class and the smile on their faces when they saw that their efforts had finally paid off. A connection was made.

Now all those who are teachers understand my excitement about this day, but those who don't teach may be wondering why I am going on and on about these brief moments in an otherwise ordinary day. What makes it worth paying attention to is the way this day started.

It started with a devotion that challenged me to center my life on Jesus and invite him into every moment of every day and then be sensitive to how He leads. To be honest, I thought this was pretty neat, and I needed to read this devotion again when I had more time...and I said a short prayer inviting Jesus to lead me.

On the way to school, I listened to a CD sermon from Charles Simpson about sharing your life with those around you and being ready for those "moments." It wasn't just about sharing the gospel, it was about sharing our lives and getting to know those around us. So again I prayed. I asked Jesus to make me aware of those "moments" that He brought my way. That was all. Nothing fancy, no lightning bolts or even sunshine streaming through the clouds. 

I really didn't even think about those prayers again until I got home and my husband asked that "How was your day" question. Then I realized, it had been a day with a whole lot of "moments" that I had somehow recognized, and that had made all the difference. Could it be that these were the result of the simple prayers I had uttered this morning? More importantly, would I pray them again tomorrow?

The devotion that came in my email this morning challenged me to take the next 7 days to "Stay open to the new and unexpected. This centering process is like thrift store shopping: frequently we don't find what we're looking for, but we encounter something better that wasn’t even on our list. Trust that Jesus knows what you need today." It also challenged me to write down what I did. Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow.

Yep, it was a really good day, indeed.

Interested in the devotional? Here's the link.  Jesus Centered Life I look forward to hearing from others who take the challenge and discover what happens when we center our lives on Jesus.

The eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him. — 2 Chronicles 16:9 NKJV

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