Monday, April 20, 2009

Full of it

Full of it. The phrase doesn't usually bring spiritual things to mind...but in the world of "random thoughts", everything can be a lesson about life...

It all started as I sat in my kitchen and watched as my son poured himself a glass of juice. I had the chance once again to cringe as he filled the glass completely to the rim and then tried to walk with it. You can guess what happened next, we were mopping juice up off the floor. Yep, that glass was truly full of juice and the moment he stepped forward, it began to spill out on anyone and anything around. I guess Levi does everything in life "to the fullest". As a result, all those around him are effected.

I suppose to some extent, we all spend our lives "spilling" on those around us....the question is, what are we full of? For whatever we are full of, that is what we will spill out onto others. Some people fill their lives with unforgiveness and bitterness, and unfortunately that is exactly what spills on to those who happen to cross their path. Some fill their lives with themselves, you can imagine what spills out when you bump into these fountains of self. Some fill their lives with fashion or music or movies, even with genres full of horror or hate....five minutes in someone's presence will reveal what they are "full of".

Then there are those precious few who are filled with encouragement and the promises of is a true joy to "bump into" these people, because what spills out is as refreshing as cool water on a hot Mississippi afternoon. These people obviously spend their time making sure they are "full of it" by spending time in prayer and praise...mostly in spending time with the Father. For when a person spends time with God, they begin to find their life is full of hope and encouragement. Then, as they walk through life, they "spill" out on everyone around them.

Of course, being "full of it" isn't a one time process. As we go through our day we bump into others on such a regular basis that unless we work to refill, we will find outselves filled with only air and the stress and worry of daily life. When that happens, it's time to "empty out our cup" and make the time for refilling. We empty our cup through prayer....time spent with the Father. We wipe it clean with praise, and then it is filled again as we worship God.

So there you have it....the next time you hear someone is "full of it", ask yourself just what are they full of....more importantly, ask yourself what are you full of. I'm not so sure I like the content of my cup lately....time for a refill of what matters. After all, no telling who I'll spill on next.

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