Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One of a kind

You know, I could probably fill a library with books full of Levi stories. Levi is my son. This past weekend, Levi provided us with yet another story for the books.

We were visiting my family in Alabama and most everyone was at the pond drowning plastic worms. As I watched from the kitchen window, the peaceful scene that lay before me was right out of a Norman Rockwell picture. Pawpaw was there, along with his sons and their daughters and then there was Levi.....standing under a tree....looking straight up.

I knew something was up, pardon the pun. That's when I saw Levi take his rod and reel and throw them up into the tree....and they got stuck. It was obviously time to go and see what was going on.

When I got out there, Levi's dad - my husband - was continuing to fish, his uncle was shaking his head in disbelief, and his sister was ignoring the entire situation. The rod and reel had fallen from the tree by now and I could see why Levi had been staring up. His lure, the second one that day, had gotten hung in the tree. There in the middle of the pecan leaves was a small blue and white fish with a bright green tail. How it got into the tree I still have no idea. Maybe he was trying his hand at "fly" fishing.

It took a while, but I finally got the lure out of the tree. All the while, all I could think of was "only Levi". There's no doubt - Levi is one of a kind. Levi loves life. Levi LIVES life! It's almost as if he is constantly trying to fit as much into every minute of every day as possible, and in the process he often winds up in the middle of some hilarious situations. As my husband puts it - with Levi, at least it's never dull.

As crazy as all this makes me, I'm a little jealous of my son. He is always searching, always questioning, and yes, always making mistakes....because he's out there living life. It's as if he's already discovered that the only way to live is to not be afraid to make a mistake. I wish I could manage to live for the Lord with the same fervor. What's the worst that can happen? I'll make mistakes and....well, come to think of it that wouldn't be that much different than it is now. The difference is the sense of fun and adventure I see in Levi...the laughter I see in those around him...and the chance to see God at work all around me.

Yep, Levi is one of a kind. What a great way to be.

"Let every detail in your lives - words, actions, whatever - be done in the name of the Master, Jesus, thanking God the Father every step of the way." (Colossians 3:17, Message version)

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Eleisa said...

I wish i could of seen that....must of been great!