Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Today I read a devotion by Os Hillman that has really got me to thinking. In it he tells this story: "A story is told of a western missionary group that was sitting with a foreign visitor planning strategy for an upcoming evangelistic trip to his country. One man led in prayer, asking for God's help in planning their activities. The visitor was surprised how the meeting quickly moved to the planning phase after only a few minutes of focused prayer.
He turned to the leader and said, "You have taught us the scriptures well in our country. However, I've noticed when it comes to prayer you spend so little time in prayer listening and much time in planning." The western believers were convicted by his words."

I am stunned by this story...stunned by my own life. I have to ask myself, "How often have a pleaded in prayer? How often have I worried? How often have I tried to figure a way out of this current situation? .....How often have I just waited and listened for His voice?"

I am a "fixer". I don't like to sit and wait, I want to "FIX IT!" One of my favorite skits from Saturday Night Live is the one where the guy just yells FIX IT! No real plan, just wants it FIXED! Step one - FIX, Step two - IT, Step three - FIX IT! The thing is, I have no idea how to fix it or even where to begin.

To be honest, I'm not sure I even know how to sit still long enough to hear His voice....I want to give a quick prayer asking for a quick fix and move on about my business. But if I'm supposed to be living like Jesus, then I'm supposed to be about my Father's business, not mine.

Today, will I be able to sit long enough to listen to how God wants to Fix it? Or more telling...will I be able to sit and listen long enough for God to "Fix" me?

Just for fun, I've added this clip from Saturday Night Live. Now FIX IT!!!! http://new.schoolnotes.com/files/dsumrall/Fixit_c.mov

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