Monday, January 3, 2011

For right now and his cousin, Just this once

I have just spent the better part of the past two evenings tossing clutter. Most of it was junk, some of it was stuff out of place, and all of it was overwhelming! I'd look back at coupons that expired, notices for bills long since paid, books that belonged in other rooms, sales papers, magazines, toys, the list just goes on and on.

Somewhere in the midst of all that chaos, it occurred to me. I had put these things in that particular spot, "for right now." Now I was staring at a room filled with "for right now" on top of  "for right now."I truly had never intended to leave it there permanantly, but a series of "for right nows" had piled up on me and now lay covered in a film of dust so thick you could probably not only write your name but copy the entire Declaration of Independence on top of it before signing your John Hancock!

As this random thought turned in my head (and I tossed with reckless abandon), I realized that "For Right Now" had a cousin named "Just This Once." I can thank that cousin for countless pounds that have piled up on my hips as I caved into going through the drive in "just this once" or having that piece of cake "just this once" or skipping exercise "just this once." That "Just This Once" is one tricky dude! He had me "just this once-ing" right into a bigger pants size!
Let's face it, I am a creature of habit. To say that I won't fall prey to "For right now" and "Just this once" is an exercise in futility. But maybe, just maybe I can take this little habit and turn it for my good! What would my life be like if "for right now" I completely dealt with the mail as it came in? What would happen if "for right now" I turned off the tv and cleared the table of the day's clutter? Could I possible even get my family caught up in putting their stuff away "for right now?" Okay, maybe that is a bit far-fetched.

And what of his cousin? What would happen if "Just this once" I ate what I knew was best for me, even if it meant cooking when I was tired? What if "Just this once" I chose fruit over cake for dessert? What if "just this once" I spent 30 minutes on the treadmill or going for a walk instead of plopping in front of the computer screen? What if, "just this once", I did things a little differently?

I'm thinking this might make a difference in a lot of areas in the world around me.  What if, "just this once", I picked up the trash I saw in my path as I went for a walk? What if, "for right now", I take my eyes off my own circumstances and reach out to someone else? What if "for right now" I was patient with the old person who was telling me that same story for the tenth time? What if "just this once" instead of losing my temper, I showed mercy for the person who cut me off in traffic? The possibilities are endless! I don't have to resolve to be a better person or clean up my health or get back in shape or try to change the world! All I have to do is "for right now" make a good choice, and "just this once" do what I know is best instead of what is easy.

I'd like to hear your ideas of what we could do "for right now" or "just this once" that might make a difference in the new year. Or if you give this a try, let me know how it goes...just this once.

Looking forward to hearing from you...and for right now, I think I'm done.

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