Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Today my daughter told me about a show she'd seen on tv...some sort of animal rescue reality show. In this particular episode, there was a Chihuahua that had been hit by a car and was "hold up" in the corner of an apartment entrance striking out at everyone who came near. That little bundle of fur was becoming more and more ferocious with every passing minute. Finally, the dog was rescued and taken to the shelter for medical help and to see if perhaps this dog would be suitable to be put up for adoption. 

It wasn't looking good - the little dog was not responding well to the handlers and it looked as if this dog was destined to be "put down" since he seemed unable to bond with humans....that is until the man who rescued the dog came to the window and looked in. Immediately the dog began to perk up and spring around the room. He was so excited to see his "Rescuer"! This dog could be adopted after all.

Tonight in our Bible study we were looking at the subject of fear, and I thought about this little dog and how he compares to the people I see around me every day. You probably have seen it too - parents, co-workers, and friends under so much stress and fear. Life has definitely been handing them a rough time for the past few years, and the stress is starting to really show. They are realizing they are losing control and that's a really scary place to they strike out in fear just like that little dog was doing. They blame everyone around them for their pain...well, maybe not consciously, but they are in pain and anyone who comes near is fair game for their attack. 

What we need to do is get our eyes back on our "Rescuer," then we will find peace. When we get our eyes back on the One who saves us, we are no longer focused on our fears. The joy can return to our lives - we can love and be loved. No longer will we be controlled by our fears and frustration - all because we can see our Rescuer and know it's going to be okay. No, better than's going to be good again. We have hope.

Those days when we find ourselves striking out at everyone around us, consider that maybe we've taken our eyes off the Rescuer. Maybe fear has become our focus. To be honest, I've been feeling a bit like that scared little dog lately, but I'm making an effort to shift my focus back to where it should be...on the only One who can rescue me.

Isaiah 41:10 
Don't panic. I'm with you. 
   There's no need to fear for I'm your God.
I'll give you strength. I'll help you. 
   I'll hold you steady, keep a firm grip on you.

Romans 8:15

The Spirit you received does not make you slaves, so that you live in fear again;rather, the Spirit you received brought about your adoption to sonship. And by him we cry, “Abba, Father.”

We can reject the spirit of fear. We can choose to live in His love and power.

Psalm 112:1-3

Praise the Lord. Blessed are those who fear the Lord, who find great delight in his commands. Their children will be mighty in the land; the generation of the upright will be blessed. Wealth and riches are in their houses, and their righteousness endures forever.

(I've got to be honest....never noticed that "Wealth and riches are in their houses" part before. That means somewhere in all this mess, there are some riches to be found! Looks like I've got some house cleaning to do!)

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