Friday, May 4, 2012

What kind of moon are you?

Tomorrow night we're supposed to experience a SUPER full moon...well, that explains a lot of the behavior we're seeing all around us - but that's another blog for another day.

According to NASA, this Saturday the moon will be up to 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than the other full moons of 2012; and it should catch a lot of attention. Now 14% doesn't seem like that much to me - I mean, I don't even get excited about a sale that's less than 20%, but when it comes to the moon, 14% is a big deal!
I first heard about the "super moon" when I was listening to K-Love this morning, and they mentioned that a moon really doesn't have any light of its own - it only reflects the sun. Of course that tied into a conversation of how we are to be like the moon - reflecting the Son! My first thought of was of the story of Moses coming down from the mountain after meeting with God. 

In Exodus 34, when Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the Ten Commandments, it says his face glowed! "When Moses came down from Mount Sinai carrying the two Tablets of The Testimony, he didn't know that the skin of his face glowed because he had been speaking with God. Aaron and all the Israelites saw Moses, saw his radiant face, and held back, afraid to get close to him." 

Something about being in the presence of God caused Moses to glow! I often wonder if people can tell whether or not WE have been with God. Oh, we may not glow like Moses...he must have been WAY more than 14% closer to God during his visit, but there should be something that is at least a little different about us. If they can't, maybe it's because we're not getting close enough, spending enough time with God for it to make a difference. 

Then I started to wonder, what kind of moon I might be. Full? Half? New? Waning?
It's important to remember that half of the moon is always illuminated by the sun, but what we can see varies according to its position. Am I like the new moon - when the light of the Son shines on me but it is not yet evident to anyone around me because it's all so new? 

Am I like a half-moon, with half of me holding on to the world and half holding on to God? In a waxing moon, the light is increasing. I wouldn't mind being thought of as "waxing" if it means I am growing in Christ. What I DON'T want to be is a waning moon - in which I am reflecting less and less of the light of the Son. 

What I REALLY want to be is to be a FULL moon. No, I want to be a SUPER-FULL moon! I want to be like Moses, getting closer to God so that no matter where I go, my life GLOWS because it is reflecting the love of God to all those around me. One way to make sure I am spending time with God is to spend time in His Word! I wonder if I spent just a little more time (like maybe 14% more) what kind of difference it might make in my life and those around me. I want to FULL-y reflect the glory of God to a hurting world. 

What kind of moon do you want to be?

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Traci Michele said...

Amen! I love this analogy and your heart!

Love, Traci Michele @ Ordinary Inspirations