Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I'm a little short. (Revised)

Seems like I have spent my entire life being "a little short." Well, maybe not my entire life. 

When I was about 12 years old, a relative remarked that I was growing like a weed and it looked like I would take after my great uncle John. Uncle John was well over 6 feet tall. Evidently I hit my peak at 12 and never grew another inch. 

So here I am, at 5' 2"with eyes of blue, has anybody seen my gal? Ooops. Sorry for that unexpected song interlude.

At any rate, I have been short most of my life...and in more areas than just height. I can be short-tempered, have a short attention-span, short on time, and of course I ALWAYS seem to be short on money. Unfortunately for those who love me, the only thing I don't seem to be is short on words.

I don't really mind being short. It is a part of who God created me to be...but there are parts of my "short" life that are a problem. 

My short attention span. I start things and don't finish. I find I have a bit of trouble concentrating when I read. You get the picture.

My short-fuse...dynamite comes in small packages and can cause a lot of damage when used improperly. Still working on that.

My short-sightedness. I can tend to look at today and the chaos around me and lose sight of what is really important...my family and what God has called me to do. I keep thinking I'll "get around to it" only to find once again I'm short on time.

I posted this earlier, but something just did not rest easy in me. I removed the post because I knew I was missing something...I just wasn't sure what. Then while getting ready for the day I was praying and asking God why did I lose my peace so quickly when it came to finances? That's when it hit me...what I am really short on is TRUST.

When I am short-tempered, I am not trusting God to take care of me and I am instead trying to look out for me. 

When I am short on patience,I am not trusting God to do what He said He will do and trusting in His timing.

When I am short on finances (and lose my peace) it's because I am not trusting Him to provide for our needs no matter what the check book says.

It all boils down to being short on trust...and so today my prayer is, Lord - help me to grow. The problem isn't that I am short...it's that I've forgotten my need to grow.

Thank you God....You are NOT short! You are not short in providing for our needs....

Exodus 16:16-18

The Message (MSG)
15-16 So Moses told them, “It’s the bread God has given you to eat. And these are God’s instructions: ‘Gather enough for each person, about two quarts per person; gather enough for everyone in your tent.’”
17-18 The People of Israel went to work and started gathering, some more, some less, but when they measured out what they had gathered, those who gathered more had no extra and those who gathered less weren’t short—each person had gathered as much as was needed.

Your arm is not too short to save us...

Isaiah 59:1
Surely the arm of the LORD is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear.

And best of all, You are not short in Your love for us....

Psalms 136:1 (But check out the entire Psalm when you're not short on time...)
Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.
His love endures forever.

Be sure and check out the link below...God never falls short...His love never fails.


Donna said...

This was awesome! I am short too. Funny how we have so much in common. Same name, height, love of running, and I also am short in trust and for the exact same reasons. I am sure you are reading my mind! Thank you for the encouragement and have a absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving...I'm going to do that myself, no. matter. what. Blessings to you and your family!


Donna said...

Donna, I had to laugh after I read your comment. When it popped up in my email for "approval" I thought, "I didn't post anything lately. Have I been hacked?" Then I saw it was from another 'Donna'. It's a small world...which I guess is good for us short people!
Have a blessed Thanksgiving and thank you so much for reading and commenting! May your "run" into the New Year be a pleasant one!
(The other) Donna