Saturday, January 5, 2013

Move...what I've learned so far

For those of you who read my blog, you already know that the word "Move" is my word for 2013. (Go here to read that blog.)  I've done pretty good so far at keeping my promise to myself to move each day...even posted pictures on facebook to keep myself accountable and found a partner in crime. Even though the year is only 5 days old, I've decided to share what I have learned so far about my "one word" the order of occurrence.

#1- While it is important to stop putting things off and "get a move on," it is equally important to watch where you're going! (As evidenced by the picture today.) While putting away the Christmas decorations, I discovered that we had neglected our attic for way too long and it needed some maintenance. No time like the present...I was on the move and I started right in to tackle some of the problem. It was then that I discovered a part of the attic floor that was NOT reinforced and my foot proceeded to enter the pantry by way of the ceiling. Lesson learned. Don't MOVE fool-heartedly, but with eyes wide open, aware of what is going on!

#2 - This one came to me while looking at some Bible verses this morning, specifically Acts 17:28a - "In Him we live and move and have our being." Those of you who remember the song that came from that verse may remember the next part is "Make a joyful noise, sing unto the Lord, tell Him of your love, dance before Him.... Couple that with something I read yesterday about how each of us is "called" no matter what our line of work and you have today's main "random thought." No matter what I am doing, I need to be doing it as worship unto Him! Teaching that class I dread - worship unto Him. Taking that test I'm afraid of - worship unto Him. Dealing with that "difficult person" that crosses my path - worship unto Him. Even cleaning up that overstuffed attic - WORSHIP UNTO HIM! What a difference this makes in even the smallest or most dreaded things! 

#3 - Okay - I had to think about this one. Since I believe good things come in threes, I wanted to find a third point. I said a simple short prayer and asked - what is point 3? This thought came to mind. No matter where I move, no matter what I encounter along the way, no matter what 2013 may bring, God has already been there and has made a way for me. (Okay, right now I get a picture of God and Jesus and all the angels laughing at me putting my foot through the ceiling...wonder if He hits rewind and watches it again just to get a laugh?) Well, no matter what comes my way, as unexpected as it seems to me, God is already way ahead of me and He's got it under control.

So, how is your 2013 and your one word revealing itself to you? Don't have a word yet? It's not too late! Let God show you that one special word for the year and watch at how He reveals Himself in it. Happy "moving" my friends!

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