Saturday, July 19, 2008

An unpopular opinion on The Dark Knight movie

Well, be forewarned, many will not like my opinion about the new Batman movie. That's okay.

I went with my daughter and friend to see the new Batman movie...not that I had any real desire to see it, but my young teenager wanted to see it and I'm of the belief that I need to be aware of what she's watching and what is popular in the culture. So I went. Within the first few minutes of this movie, I knew this wasn't the Batman I grew up with...or even the Batman of previous movies. This movie was far more evil. There, I said it...evil. Sorry. It wasn't the scary factor that got to me, it was the sick evil that prevaded the character of the Joker. It made me sad to realize that the horror portrayed was in some ways reality. It was real enough that the young actor who played the Joker tried to escape it and lost his life in the process.

Now I realize I'm sensitive to this kind of thing. I make no apologies for that. I don't really want to get to the place where that kind of thing DOESN'T bother me. What bothers me even more was that in this theater, there were small children...being exposed to this kind of darkness. I'm not shaking a finger at any parents. I assume they had no idea it would be this way...but still, they saw images of evil in a large format. I leave any conclusion as to what effect that might have on them to your imagination. And my child was there - along with friends. Of course, I'm sure they figure my opinion is just that of a mom...a fuddy duddy in the highest form. Again, I'm okay with that. I did what I could. I spent the entire movie in that "tunnel" that leads up to the theater, praying for the minds, hearts and souls of my child, her friends, and those small little ones in the theater. Yes, I know that's weird...I'm okay with that, too.

So, in my unpopular opinion, this is a movie you really do not need to see. Of course, that won't stop most people.


Angela said...

Lets keep it real, Love your blogs Donna

Angela said...

Donna love your blog, Keeping it real, oh by the way send me your blog address I would live to add you to my blog page, You are my inspiration/ so I started a blog to entitled Everdaylife adress is

Donna said...

Thanks Angela! I loved your blog! If it's okay, I'm adding a link to it on my soon as I figure out how to do that!
My blog address is
Keep on blogging! Can't wait to read more!

justus9 said...

Thanks for the bold review. I'm with you. I've seen enough darkness over the past 49 years to do me for the rest of my lifetime. Some criticize me for not being able to face up to the fact that there is real evil in the world, and movies like this just portray that reality.

I ignore them.

I just remember that in the beginning, it was God who tried to protect the first man and first woman from exposure to this "reality" and Satan who told them they were missing out.

I'll keep my sensitivity, thank you.

Donna said...

justus9....thank you for being a voice of reason in a very unreasonable world.

Carol said...

Donna, thank you for your thoughs.
I thought I was the only mom that
didn't like this movie. I haven't seen the movie, the commercials
alone were enough for my opinion to be formed. Was concerns me even more is the comments that alot of our teens wrote on their facebook page about this is the best movie of the century!! Our kids are becoming numb to the tactics of the enemy. Love the blog.