Monday, July 14, 2008

Why we have to tell you we got it on sale

Okay, this one will be a short post.
Have you ever noticed that when a woman is complimented on something she is wearing or a decoration in her house that often she will volunteer to the complimenter the following information...."I got it on sale!" Sort of like those T.J. Maxx commercials where the woman goes on and on about her designer clothes that she got at such a great price. I bet you guys wonder why we do that, don't you.
The explanation is quite simple. We tell you about the sale for the same reason you feel the need to tell us how many points were on that buck you killed. Or how long you fought that fish to reel him in! Or how .... well, I've run out of comparisons. Simply put - it's all about the hunt. We're just hunting different things....and it's our right to brag!

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