Monday, May 4, 2009

two left shoes

Tonight I went to one of my favorite activities...crossfit at my church. No, this isn't a Bible study, but a type of circuit training. I was really excited about tonight's workout because I already had a blog idea in my head. You see, in crossfit, you do a variety of exercises over and over so that no one muscle group gets worn out. There is no way I could ever imagine doing 75 pushups, 75 situps, and more, but by doing 5 at a time and then moving quickly on to the next exercise, I find I can do more. Yes, I just knew what tonight's blog would be about: how when we do a little each day, it adds up and can amount to great things in the Kingdom of God. At least, that's what this blog was supposed to be about.....

I gathered up my exercise clothes and shoes to take with me to work today. This was one afternoon I was determined to not be in a rush to get to my workout. After school, I worked a bit longer and then drove directly to the church. I was actually the first one there! This was going to be great. I ran into the bathroom to change clothes and hurried on into the workout area....I figured I'd put on my shoes in there. I put on my socks and then one shoe, but as I picked up the other shoe it felt something wasn't quite right. Of course, I had not only brought two different shoes, I had brought two LEFT shoes. Now, I'm not the most coordinated person you'll ever meet, but even I can't manage with two left shoes on my feet.

I figured the answer was simple. I would just workout in my socks. That didn't work too well because my feet kept slipping. No problem...I'd just work out in my bare feet.

Everything seemed fine for a while, then about 2/3 of the way through I noticed my big toe hurt a bit. I tried to push through, but it started to sting. I looked to discover I had not only created a blister on my had burst. This was going to be a problem.

I managed to modify the rest of my workout, but throughout I felt the discomfort of being unprepared. I did not have proper footwear and now I was paying the price....and I hadn't even been on rough ground! I was running around on soft carpet!

You know, the Bible tells us in Ephesians 6 that we are to put on the WHOLE armor of God...and not surprisingly that includes footwear. Specifically, we are to put on shoes that are described as "the preparation of the gospel of peace." I don't know about you, but all the other parts of the armor of God were easy for me to understand, but this one kind of confused me. I knew soldiers had special footwear that allowed them to move over rocky terrain and fight in the battle, but what in the world is "preparation of the gospel of peace"?

After tonight's little mishap, I think I may have an idea. As Christians, we must be able to run at any moment to share the good news of Jesus Christ. “Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season,” Paul said to Timothy (2 Tim 4:2). We should be ready always to share the gospel...something that's difficult to do if you've foolishly allowed yourself to be wounded because you weren't prepared. We really can't afford to be careless and allow the rush of the world to keep us from paying attention to what God has told us to do. We must prepare by "putting on the whole armor of God" each day, for we don't know when we might be required to stand and "fight" or "run" and share the good news....and that's tough to do when you have no shoes.

So, from my two left shoes and me....put on your armor today....someone may need you to be ready to run.

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