Sunday, May 3, 2009

What's the hurry?

Yesterday I was talking to my niece and she, like many others, is seeking for her purpose...looking for that certain something that God created her to do. I'm so glad that she has such a heart after God, and in some ways she reminds me of myself at her age: desperate to do God's will yet not sure exactly what that means.

While I am all for discovering your gifts and talents, I'm not sure that even that will help you discover your purpose in Christ, that one "thing" you were created to do....I'm not sure anything but time can do that. I'm not even sure there's is just one "thing".

Think about it; how many people have truly found their call in life before the age of 30? Even great athletes who win in the Olympic games have a lot of life left before they reach heaven....would they say their "purpose" in Christ was to win those games? True, it may have been a part of the plan, but it's not their purpose. When they stand before the Father in heaven, they won't be able to throw those gold medals at His feet. I'm pretty sure gold doesn't translate to heaven...after all, its used for paving the streets there so it must be pretty common. So, what is our purpose?

I remember a missionary who came and spoke once to our congregation. She told of when she had been crying to God asking when would it be her turn....for at the time her days were filled with changing diapers, wiping noses, creating a home. I don't remember what she said God's answer was, but I do remember a lot about her life. She led many to the Lord, as did her children. She built mission stations and spoke all around the world. None of it even began, as far as the world could see, until she was well past her prime. I believe she lived her days in God's purpose for her life.

Moses was 40 when he made his first big mistake...pretty much wrecked God's plan for his life according to his way of thinking. He went to being a shepherd...definitely NOT what he thought God had planned, I'm sure. Then, after about 40 more years, God spoke to him and Moses led the children of Israel out of bondage. He continued to lead (and sometimes make mistakes), for 40 more years. Now even those who aren't very good at math can do those numbers....40 years old and still searching, 80 years old he begins his purpose, then for the next 40 years he walks in that purpose.

I can almost hear people shouting at the screen, "But I'm not Moses! I don't plan on living to be 120 years old!!" To be honest, neither do I. In the years we waited to have children, people would remind me of Sarah who gave birth to Isaac when she was response was always, "I have no desire to be 90 years old and pregnant." However, both these examples serve as reminders....God isn't running out of time. He knows the plans He has for you, plans for hope and a future, and if He should decide to keep you alive till you're 120, He can do it. He can also renew your strength like that of the eagle. You will run and not grow weary, walk and not faint...if you WAIT upon the Lord.

Right now, for my niece, the purpose of God is clear: love her children, love her husband, and most of all, love God. In a few years, God may move her into doing other things, but none are more important than these....they're just different for a different stage of her life, and ALL are a part of God's purpose for her life. So what's the point? God is not in a hurry. He's not running out of time. He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it. Finding your purpose in God is about living every day seeking His face and what He has for you that day....the rest will fall into place.

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